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Footage Athletics

Footage Athletics x Zcurbs Cyco Wear Bandana

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FOOTAGE®️ Atlethics, not a new name in skateboarding scene especially in Bandung, Indonesia released a merchandise with The Zebra Curbs (Zcurbs), a Bandung based curbs enthusiast.

Cyco Wear cotton bandana was released for a Zcurbs event "Everything Digerus ku Kami".

FOOTAGE®️ Atlethics bukan nama baru di scene skateboarding terutama di Bandung, Indonesia merilis merchandise dengan The Zebra Curbs (Zcurbs), curbs enthusiast yang berbasis di Bandung.

Cyco Wear bandana katun dirilis untuk event yang diadakan Zcurbs, "Everything Digerus ku Kami".