Artwork By Arswandaru 8.0"/8.25"/8.5" Footage Athletics Deck

New addition to Footage Skate Stufff collections. In the end of this 2022, Footage Athletics release new skateboard deck collection with artwork by Arswandaru. The same artwork also released as graphic on Footage Athletics hand towel collection.

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HLWD | Hellwood Crewneck & Hoodie Sweater Start From IDR 150K

Built To Last and Made For Concretes collections from HLWD Skateboards.
Preserving the relaxed attitude of skate cultures toward life into
day-to-day fashion - a look that is as relevant today as ever.

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Was Watch, skateboarder owned brand, specialize in hand made watches, also release apparel and accessories collections of their own design and design from collaboration projects. Was Watch Time Travel Frequency (TTF)
collections released in t-shirts and 6 panel caps.

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