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Footage Athletics

Footage Athletics Signature Logo vol. 2 Deck

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FOOTAGE®️ Atlethics is not a new name in skateboarding scene especially in Bandung, Indonesia. Footage Athletics apparel collections is now available on all Fun Follows Function Store online platform.

Footage Athletics Signature Logo Vol. 2 Skateboard Deck width 8.0/8.125/8.25/8.5 inches comes with free griptape.

FOOTAGE®️ Atlethics bukan nama baru di scene skateboarding terutama di Bandung, Indonesia. Koleksi kaos dan apparel lainnya dari Footage Athletics sekarang bisa didapatkan di Fun Follows Function Store.

Skateboard deck Signature Logo Vol. 2 dari Footage Athletics lebar 8.0/8.125/8.25/8.5 inci dengan free griptape.